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LearnTech® LAN-Based Enterprise Training
LearnTech® Web-based On-Line Training

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Course Listings

1. ESD Training - Electrostatic Discharge Control:
An effective, systematic, and sustainable ESD training and certification program. Automated Learning's ESD training and certification courses deliver ESD training that reduces cost and improves performance in your workplace.

2. Soldering, Surface Mount Technology (SMT), and Electronic Assembly:
The Electronic Assembly courses include circuit card, mechanical assembly, through-hole, surface mount (SMT), and fine lead repair.Available English, Spanish, French and German

3.Component Identification:
ALC has component identification courses to introduce you to manufacturing components such as resistors, capacitors, semiconductors, wires, boards, connectors, switches and relays.

4. LearnTech® Manufacturing Suite:
The LearnTech® Manufacturing Training Suite installs on your network and includes the administrative support of our Automated Curriculum Manager.

5. Health and Safety:
Health and safety training includes Laser Safety, Hazardous Materials and Ergonomics.

6. Supply Chain and Inventory:
The Electronic Manufacturing Suite includes a LAN-based training in Inventory Practices cousre. Supply Chain Management is a third party on-line course.

7. Lean Manufacturing: Developed in collaboration with Lean Advisors Inc., the LAN or Web-based Lean manufacturing courses includes Lean Concepts, Lean 5S Workplace Organization, and Lean Visual Controls. Lean Manufacturing training and certification blends with on-site activities to help you create and sustain a Lean Manufacturing culture.

8. Lead-Free Solder Training:
Automated Learning® partnered with Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials and Business Electronic Soldering Technologies to develop this new suite of lead-free soldering courses in the acclaimed LearnTech® series. Lead-Free Soldering: Orientation, is a multimedia learning program for process engineers, managers, and senior operators involved in the implementation and management of lead-free solder processes in electronic assembly. Additional courses on SMT reflow, wave, and rework, include detailed information needed for operation of lead-free solder production. This suite of lead-free solder training courses presents the latest concepts on lead-free solder production for electronic assembly.

Individual on-line web-training:
If you wish to register for individual web-training, we have a number of courses available for secure on-line purchase, as well as other manufacturing products available to buy now in the on-line store

Custom Development:
CBT training programs can be customized existing products or full-custom designed e-Learning courses in any subject. Automated Learning® experts will create high quality, interactive, multimedia, self paced, manufacturing courses for your needs. For high volume users convertion of CBT to a language of their choice can be considered by Automated Learning offering a distinct advantage.